Pozole con Camarones (Shrimp Pozole)

Inspired by travels to Veracruz where pozole with shrimp was not at all uncommon. Plump shrimp anchor this bowl of pozole. Be sure to peel and properly devein the shrimp before poaching in the soup, reserve the shells for shrimp stock or add them to the soup for extra flavor. Just be sure to remove them all before eating!

Easy Shrimp and Pork Meatball Pozole

We met customer Thanh R. when we first demoed our product in stores and have run into her since. She's an avid foodie, blogger and tour de force in the kitchen. Check out her mouthwatering pics on her Instagram (@portland_love_story) and try her delicious spin on our pozole base. Thanks for sharing Thanh!

15 Minute Pozole Chili

Our friends have been doing this version for some time now and it has yet to disappoint. It’s perfect for a tailgate or a snowy day indoors. We have swapped out ground pork or venison for the beef. Try it sometime.

Pozole, Cioppino Style with Garlic-Chipotle Bread

Our take on cioppino takes our red pozole base and fills it to the brim with fresh seafood. Serve it with toasted baguette with our garlic-chipotle butter and you have an unbelievably robust meal.

Vegetarian Pinto & Poblano Pozole

We also use zucchini in this recipe, which works very well with our starter and rounds out this vegetarian take on pozole rojo. If you’re looking for a good substitute, try chayote or yellow squash.

Sopa de Albondigas (Mexican Meatball Soup)

We adapted a classic recipe for sopa de albondigas, a popular dish among Mexican and Latin American communities. The beauty of this recipe comes from cooking the meatballs directly in the base, which gives the dish a mouthwatering savoriness.

Chicken Coconut Pozole

Our travels have led us to see many parallels between Mexican and Thai cooking: deep layered flavors via curry paste or mole, and a common affinity for ingredients such as lime and cilantro. This recipe is a nod to both cultures.  The dish is vegetarian, but chicken or shrimp make for a lovely addition.

Classic Pork Pozole

A classic iteration we grew up on. Pork shoulder stewed with our red pozole base makes for a soul-satisfying meal. In Mexico it’s not uncommon to find pig’s feet slowly simmering in pozole. Leftover shredded pork, however, works just fine. A solid array of flavorful condiments--cabbage, radish, cilantro and lime--makes this dish sing.

Pozole Gumbo

We were sampling our red soup base at a local grocery store when we struck up a conversation with a clerk. She had used our red soup base in something quite unique: gumbo. She slowly simmered our pozole with smoky sausage, chicken and okra. We knew we had to give it a try. The result was an eclectic bowl that booms with flavor and is remarkably easy to prepare.


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Chicken Tortilla Pozole

Classic tortilla soup is our inspiration for this nourishing recipe. Where most store-bought tortilla soup recipes are loaded with sodium, this version keeps the salt in check without skimping on flavor. We recommend using Three Sisters Nixtamal tortillas, which have a heavenly corn flavor and wonderful texture.

POZOLE CON PESCADO ASADO (Pozole wth Roasted salmon)

Fish works exceptionally well in pozole. The addition of bit of cream to our pozole base gives the soup a velvety consistency for the salmon to bathe in. Fresh herbs to finish liven up the bowl. This recipe is an ode to couple of the things we love: bold, hearty pozole and a beautfiul, crisp piece of fish.