But What is Pozole?


Pozole has historically been a celebratory dish among Mexican and Southwestern communities for generations.

Dried whole corn kernels, or hominy, are soaked in lime and simmered for hours, and a variety of chiles and spices are slowly cooked for remarkable depth of flavor. Every pozole is different based on region, family recipes or whatever you have on hand. 

Pozole is an all-purpose dish to eat, no matter the season. Feeling sick? Hungover? The bold combination of chile, hominy and spice will fix you right up. This is satisfying, nourishing, fortifying fare.

Quite simply we heart pozole. The love affair began with our time spent in Mexico and family ties in Arizona. Inflected with smoky chiles, toothsome hominy and chunks of pork. It became a mainstay of our dining table, where everyone helped prepare the meal from stewing the soup to frying fresh tortillas to eat alongside.  

A good pozole takes hours to make from scratch. You’re busy hovering over the stove, simmering the hominy or seeding chiles.

This is where Pozole to the People comes in. We produce vegan-Friendly pozole soup starters that pairs wonderfully with pork (our favorite!), chicken, seafood, vegetables or meat substitute.

Our goal is to craft products that are delicious and healthy, accommodating all dietary preferences and busy schedules. This isn’t your grandmother’s pozole. This is YOUR pozole. Start something great.