A TIME-Honored Tradition, Pozole is the beloved dish from Mexico that takes all day to make from scratch. We've created wholesome, delicious POZOLE SOUP STARTERs from Carefully sourced ingredients, saving you hours in the kitchen. Nothing artificial. Always great tasting. That’s our promise to you.
Pozole to the people is Proudly Made in Portland, Oregon.

What is pozole?

​Real Pozole SOup in minutes, not hours


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somewhere between a soup and stew, pozole is a classic in mexican and southwestern cultures, a slow cooked amalgam of hominy, chiles and spices, satisfying the stomach and stirring the soul. traditionally cooked with meat in the base, our product is entirely vegan for everyone to enjoy.


HOW DO YOU pozole?

our Story

What began as a family meal favorite has become our obsession, a hearty combo of chiles and hominy that can be enjoyed year round. DISsatisfied with the dearth of pozole options on grocery shelves we've embarked on a remarkable journey filled with passion, hardwork and a whole lot of soup…